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Posted by on Jan 26, 2019 in Articles, Dating, Love, Relationships, Sex, Testimonials, What We Do | 0 comments

What to Do to Last Longer In Bed

What to Do to Last Longer In Bed

Premature ejaculation is a serious issue for most men. Not lasting long in bed tends to have a lot of negative associations. Not only does it bring down your self-esteem but it can also cause a lot of issues in your sexual life with your partner. Whether you are having sex with cheap London escorts or a partner, it needs to be fun. You don’t have to last for ‘abnormal’ hours as pornstars do. You need to last long enough for both you and the other party to orgasm. Did you know there are a few tips and tricks that can help you last longer in bed? If you are a victim of premature ejaculations, attempt to try out the following.

  1. Try the Stop and Start Method
    Men can control their orgasms. The start and stop method can ensure that you last long enough to the point that you satisfy her. The idea entails pumping a few times and stopping when you feel that you are about to ejaculate. To make this trick work, you need first to discuss it with your partner.
  2. Take Your Mind Off the Sex
    Distraction is also an excellent method that can make you last longer in bed. Experts argue that orgasms occur due to both physical and emotional fulfillment. Therefore, distracting yourself can prolong your orgasm. It’s super simple. All you have to do is think about your favorite TV series or sport while you are getting it down.
  3. Take It Slow
    The problem with most men is that they immediately rush to sticking it in. Fast sex results in fast ejaculations. The best thing to do is to take it slow. Start by indulging in some romantic foreplay and deep kissing. Slow sex eases tension and improves stamina.
  4. The Squeeze Technique
    This is the oldest trick in the book. The squeeze technique entails squeezing the tip of the penis just as you are about to come. This technique is effective at killing the orgasm, and you can start all over again. You need to be careful when squeezing to avoid causing injuries to your manhood.
  5. Take Medication
    Thanks to advancements in the world of medicine, some drugs can help you last longer in bed. One popular medication is Viagra. You can also use numbing sprays. However, this should be your last option after you have tried out all the above. Also, make sure you seek advice from a specialist before choosing any form of medication.

These tips can help you last longer in bed. Remember, there is no quick fix. Lasting long in bed takes time and patience. The harder you train, the more you will increase your stamina.

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